Private Property Advisor

The motivation for being a private property advisor comes from my own experience. I know that it’s hard to find someone for a room/flat or to deal with the viewings. I also know that it’s hard to find a property and decide which one best suits you – because unless you live there, it may look nice, but what if you’re missing a detail? What if you don’t ask something because you’re too excited to move into a new home? I’ve moved houses a lot in Aberdeen and I had to deal with a great number of individuals.

After I took two wrong decisions that ended up in two uncomfortable years, I decided that housing is not that easy and I would’ve needed help, so I’m sure others do too.

Job Description

I am charging set fees rather than percentages of rent. I am charging dependent on clients’ status – three categories: landlords, professionals (full-time workers), and students. The reason behind different charges is due to each category having different types of income.

Fine print available on each poster.

These are the fees for landlords:

FEES landlord

These are the fees for professionals (full-time workers):FEES professionals

These are the fees for students:FEES students

About allebsart-alexandrabucur

Creativity is in all sorts of fields and I am trying my best to show that even the academic sphere can be made interesting and that social sciences can be understood by everyone, regardless of their background! In my opinion, we, social scientists, abuse the use of jargon and referencing. Our core aim should be making everyone understand ‘what we are on about’, and yet academia forces students to deprive themselves of originality and take for granted that a social scientist must always refer to past-theories and if one would think different, refer to other theories in order to contradict the first. But this is not always the case, is it? I will disagree with a theory through my own seeing of the reality, there is no reference but me for that! Societies change at such a fast rate and sources of research have changed since the 1800s, so then, if I may ask, why be bound to always refer to such past dates? I have written a full article here (click) as well and I will always argue that “The reality begins where we state facts of individuals living through a given period, where individuals of a society confirm the theory”. This website is supposed to showcase creative sociology, with articles written for everyone to grasp, topics that are intriguing, and conclusions that may defy the common belief. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, requirements for topics to be covered, or any help in understanding social processes. [Note] allebsart does not share its work, workload, or meaning with anyone or any other business. [/Note]
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