The Sake of The Master

For the sake of her mind she tried to not look. But she did stare, it’s true, she wasn’t looking at all. She starred to the thunder which hit her to burning alive! She was, oh, she was so much more alive than she ever was. She’s been playing with the fire of Hell, she was mastering them all, she’s been never confused by any flame, all the fire was her own slave and each flame was felt by her inside her body, inside her mind, her hands leading those all flames to the storm. And oh, the storm, the storm she was always scared of, she’s been the master of them all, indeed, never did she ever felt so real. And she was winning this battle again, oh, the bettle between her and The Hell. And the  burning fire of the storm, the lightning rain, the heavy desert of them all –

And she’s been praying, praying in her way, for her mind to never fall asleep, for her mind to never stop the beat. But she’s been doing this over and over again, until she found The Real Hell. And the real fire that she found, oh, she now knows there’s so much more than she ever knew. And she’s up to playing again, again, and over again, never ending; she is learning to play with The Fire of The Real Hell. And the Real Flames, and The Real Terror, The Real Thunder, The Horror. For the sake of her mind, she wished she could stop – but she once felt her thunder, and she won’t let it go – it’s been her: the master of them all.

And the future, oh, the future burning burning life.


About allebsart-alexandrabucur

My religious, political, and any other belief are ‘sociology’, meaning that, as the person I’ve taught myself to be, critical thinking is in my nature. I am highly keen to leave people with this feeling about me, that I don’t own a certain belief be it about anything, as it is harder to believe but as true as it gets. Since a child, I never believed something, but always asked and tried to find out different versions of a fact, therefore I got to the point when I relised that everything can be true for certain people, and everything else for others, but yet the both cannot be true in the same time as generalities, therefore beliefs are social constructs. And there is when my sociological studies actually started. I have also seen around many indoctrinated by advertising people, so I pay much attention to marketing as well. Moreover, my tiny psychological knowledge is enough to get me to understand that the mind indeed prouces facts for itself if needed and it also created facts by itself at the impuses of various others. Therefore, I do see how marketing works very well and I can see its effects on masses but also individuals. [Note] To make sense of all, these articles are written from a social perspective and as any other sociological paper, they do not analyse by ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and they do not claim anything to be an absolute truth. The articles are as general as they can statistically be and affirm the exceptions if the case provides.As less subjectivity of the writer is left throughout the work, yet if the subject in topic allows, personal opinion of the righter might matter to the final conclusion. [/Note]
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2 Responses to The Sake of The Master

  1. frauenlieben says:

    Lots of people are experiencing terror in war zones. It must be hell.

    Liked by 1 person

    • allebsart says:

      Yes. I completely agree, I admire your thought about that! Although I meant to let this text as a deep metaphor.


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